Dallas Cowboys

Insiders, outsiders are trying to explain Dak Prescott’s success

Fittingly, Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback sensation Dak Prescott wore a “You’re Killing Me Smalls!” shirt from the movie the Sandlot while addressing the media in front in the locker room Monday.

He might as well have been pointing to the groundswell of voices who are searching for reasons to explain his outstanding play in the first two preseason games.

The latest being that Prescott has succeeded because he is going against plain vanilla defenses rather than the complicated ones that every other quarterback is facing in the preseason.

The latter was a joke.

But Prescott had the perfect answer to go along with his seemingly near perfect play.

"That's on them if they want to throw vanilla or rocky road or whatever they want to throw at me," he responded. "It really has no justice on what I do. I just go out there and try to concentrate on our game plan and play my best."

The best for the fourth-round pick out of Mississippi State has resulted scores for the offense every time he has been on the field. He has completed 22 of 27 passes for 338 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He also has two touchdowns rushing.

As for his seemingly easy transition to the NFL, Prescott was as unflappable as he is on the field, saying there was no need because "I have high expectations for myself."

Prescott doesn’t shy away from talk that he should be the backup for the Cowboys behind starter Tony Romo this year. He just lets owner Jerry Jones and the coaches make that decision. His focus is on a bigger prize down the road.

"My mindset is I want to be a starter for this organization one day, and a starter in this league for a long time," Prescott said. "I'm going to continue to push myself and make myself the best as I can each and every day."

Too bad Prescott doesn’t have a spot in the main locker room yet at the Cowboys new headquarters at the Star in Frisco.

Of course, that is coming at the end of the preseason along with the backup job.

You're killing me Smalls indeed.

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