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As for bad QB contracts, Tony Romo’s isn’t at the top, but close

Injured or healthy, quarterback Tony Romo costs the Dallas Cowboys a lot of money.
Injured or healthy, quarterback Tony Romo costs the Dallas Cowboys a lot of money. kbouaphanh@star-telegram.com

Last week, NFL.com anointed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo as the most impactful player returning from injury.

This week, Pro Football Focus, has Romo near the top of another list. This one’s not so complimentary, however. He comes at No. 3 on its list of top five worst NFL quarterback contracts.

Part of it is Romo’s age, at 36, he’s becoming a greybeard of the position. Part of it is his injury history; Romo missed 12 games last season. Here’s PFF’s reasoning for the No. 3 ranking:

“This is another case of a good-but-not-elite quarterback getting paid like an elite signal-caller. The situation is worse now that Romo is 36, coming off a season full of injury and bad play, and is under contract for another four years.

In six of the last seven games Romo has played in, he’s graded very close to average, and in his most recent game against the Panthers, he was on pace for one of the worst games in the PFF era in just 22 dropbacks. In 2015, even when Romo wasn’t under pressure, he only recorded an NFL QB rating of 93.2, his lowest in the PFF era (since 2007). Romo is one of eight quarterbacks who has a cap hit above $20 million in 2016; in order for him to live up to his contract this next season, he would need to be just as good, if not better, than he’s been in recent years. It’s unlikely that a quarterback coming off an injury-filled season at his age will produce the best season of his career. Realistically, Romo will be overpaid for the next two years, and then the Cowboys could let him go in 2018 or 2019 if his performance declines.”

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has said he believes Romo has five good years left. That is obviously debatable.

The two quarterbacks ahead of Romo on the list are Eli Manning of the New York Giants, and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens. Sure, both got paid like elite NFL quarterbacks, as did Romo.

The big difference is those two guys have three Super Bowl rings between them.

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