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Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott takes DeMarco Murray’s advice to follow Jason Witten

Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott vows to learn from tight end Jason Witten (82).
Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott vows to learn from tight end Jason Witten (82). rmallison@star-telegram.com

Ezekiel Elliott has heeded DeMarco Murray’s advice. The rookie is looking to veteran tight end Jason Witten in learning to be a pro’s pro.

“My impression’s been good,” Witten said. “I think he’s humble. It’s only been two weeks, and we haven’t even put the pads on to understand that. Obviously, he seems to embrace the expectations they have for him. He wants to get it right. He wants to do things the right way. That’ll come. That relationship will come with him.”

Murray, who led the league in rushing in his final season with the Cowboys in 2014, told ESPN he reached out to Elliott after Dallas drafted the Ohio State running back. Murray said he told Elliott to follow Witten.

Witten, 34, has missed only one game in 13 seasons while making 10 Pro Bowls. After practice Wednesday, Witten headed to the weight room to run on the treadmill.

“I appreciate DeMarco saying those kind words,” Witten said. “We had a great run together. But DeMarco earned that to the year that he had. Zeke’s very talented. You can see that. And he works at it. I think that excites me a lot as a veteran player to see a young guy come in and have high expectations but also to want to surround himself with the right guys and do it the right way. I’ve been impressed with that so far.”

Elliott was the fourth overall pick. He rushed for 3,961 yards and 43 touchdowns on 592 carries in his three-year college career.

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