Dallas Cowboys

Roger Staubach volunteers to be Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback

Roger Staubach, the headliner of The Salvation Army’s second-annual Inspiring Hope Luncheon at AT&T Stadium, joked that he volunteered to serve as Tony Romo’s backup.

“I called Mr. [Jerry] Jones before the draft and said I’d be the backup quarterback,” Staubach said. “I told him I’d give him $2 million if he’s let me do that. He said, ‘How old are you, Roger?’ I said, ’Well, I’m 74.’ He said, ‘Well, I’ll do it if you give me $5 million.’ So I’m still available to someone.”

Staubach was OK with the Cowboys passing on a quarterback in the first three rounds before drafting Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott in the fourth. Dallas attempted to trade back into the first round for Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, who went to Denver.

“He’s a great athlete, and he’s smart,” Staubach said. “He’s evidently got a great arm. He’s mobile. He can move around. Hopefully, he can be the guy. …It’s more than that. It’s mental too. So it’s meeting with them and making sure they have the confidence you have to have in the NFL. You have to transfer that to the team. The quarterback has got to lead the team in many different ways – in the locker room, in workouts and then on the field also.”

Staubach remains Romo’s biggest supporter, still believing Romo will join him and Troy Aikman as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks in Dallas.

“I think Tony’s one of the really special quarterbacks in the NFL,” Staubach said. “Troy and I would both say that we had support that helped us get to Super Bowls. Tony can lead the team. He’s a franchise quarterback. But it takes more than a quarterback. The team that won the Super Bowl last year had a great defense. I’d just love to see Tony win one. When the Cowboys are successful, everything in Dallas is better. Tony can take them there, and I hope the rest of the team can stay healthy and help him get there.”