Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones on Brandon Carr's $12.7M cap figure: ‘We got to get value for that money’

Owner Jerry Jones acknowledged that one of the huge questions facing the Cowboys is what to do with cornerback Brandon Carr and his $12.7 million cap figure for next season.

While Carr played better in 2014 than he gets credit for, especially down the stretch, it’s no secret that he has yet to live up to the five-year/$50.1 million free agent contract he signed in 2012.

With the Cowboys tight against the cap, he was always considered a target for relief in 2015, either by a salary cut, a contract restructuring or out right release.

Jones said he has no interest in contract restructure because its impact on dead money in future years. So it will either be roster cut or salary reduction. And the former is delicate because they would not save much money against the cap by reducing his salary because of dead money on the books from previous contract restructures.

If the Cowboys do cut Carr, it will likely be designated for June 1, which would save them roughly $8 million cap space in 2015 but give them a $7.4 million charge against the 2016 cap.

“There’s an issue of going and borrowing some money, borrowing it in the sense of hedging, taking money from future years,” Jones said. “There’s an issue there. Carr played well this year and I’m not as critical of Carr as others. But that’s a lot of money. One thing that we just got to do is we’ve got to make sure that every way we can, we get the value for the money.”

Moving on from Carr would be tricky because 2012 first-round pick Morris Claiborne missed the 2014 season with a torn patella tendon and is not guaranteed to be ready for the start of the 2015 season, putting the Cowboys on the market for cornerbacks in the draft and free agency.