Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl wins can validate a legacy

IRVING There has been a lot talk about what a run to the Super Bowl would do for the legacy of quarterback Tony Romo.

He owns nearly all of the Cowboys passing records but has long been criticized for his lack of post-season success. He has two playoff wins following last Sunday’s wild-card victory against the Detroit Lions. It all pales in Cowboys’ quarterback lineage that includes two-time Super Bowl champion Roger Staubach and three-time Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman.

Romo could take another step toward finally completing his legacy his legacy with a victory at the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoffs on Sunday, putting the Cowboys in the NFC title game and one win away from the Super Bowl for the first time since 1995.

Owner Jerry Jones’ doesn’t deny that he wants that dream fulfilled for Romo, but says he wants it just as much for coach Jason Garrett if not more because of what it would mean for his career.

“If Tony gets his, there’s no question that defines in many ways him and what can be said about him even though he’s very accomplished right now,” Jones said. “But you could say the same thing about tight end Jason Witten. You could say the same thing about any one of those offensive linemen as a group you can say it about Jason (Garrett). I can tell you right now a Super Bowl, it would be a dream for Jason and it would be my dream for Jason. Let’s not say it’s Jason’s dream but my dream for Jason Garrett. Just think about what it could imagine for at this stage of his career if he got a Super Bowl.”

Ironically, Garrett entered his fourth full season with lame-duck status in the final year of his contract. Now Jones, who refused to give him a contract extension in the off-season because of a 29-27 record and no playoff appearances in his first three and half seasons, is dreaming of a Super Bowl title for Garrett. Even more so than Romo, whom he signed to a $108 million contract extension before last season.

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