Dallas Cowboys

Romo says crowd at AT&T Stadium was the best he’s ever seen

Much has been made about the Cowboys’ four regular season losses at AT&T Stadium and whether Jerry Jones’ $1.2 billion facility gives the team a real home-field advantage.

Well, any questions about the home crowd and “Jerryworld” were answered in resounding and loud fashion in the Cowboys’ 24-20 victory Sunday.

There has never been a crowd louder than than the 91,410 in attendance on Sunday, per quarterback Tony Romo. There has certainly never been a home crowd louder at AT&T Stadium since opening in 2009.

“That was as good as I have ever seen a crowd anywhere,” Romo said. “I can picture one game maybe in my career was like that. Anywhere. And that was dominant a crowd as I have ever seen. When they bring that its going to give us a great chance.”

Jones agreed with Romo. He said the crowd made a huge difference in the game, especially on the final drive.

“It was a dream come true to see those stands full with all those Cowboys fans,” Jones said. “They wer ejust as loud as you can be. They played a big part at the end of the game. You could really see the intimidation with the crowd. That was a home field win.”