Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones wants to get Dez Bryant deal done regardless of issues, real or imagined

Receiver Dez Bryant was visibly upset before Sunday’s 44-17 victory against the Washington Redskins because of a report that his living arrangements were a factor in his contract negotiations with the Cowboys.

A fired-up Bryant had four catches for 99 yards and two touchdowns to set the tone for the blowout. But he didn’t talk about the report after the game.

Owner Jerry Jones, however, refuted the veracity of the report, which cited sources saying the team was considering about the number of people living at Bryant’s house.

“There is no source in the Dallas Cowboys organization that has any inkling or any idea what I think about Dez’s behavior,” Jones said. “So there’s so much for your source. There is nobody. No coach. No anybody. So I think that was really just misplaced, to have sources say they are worried about this or they are worried about that.”

Jones refused to get into details about what was holding up a contract extension. And he acknowledges that there are always things that concern you when you are negotiating long-term, big-money contract. But he said the hold up is coming to an agreement on numbers, above all.

“I’m not going to get into issues his contract,” Jones said. “But there is certainly nobody who knows what I’m worried abut. I don’t know that I have signed a contract yet without things I was worried about. But nobody talked about them. You can’t make business decisions, especially multi-million dollar business decisions without having a nice little worry list over on the right. Everybody does that. So it’s wrong to say (his living conditions) are an issue. That’s no issue relative to overall getting it done. We just want to get it done.”

For the record, Jones said he is very comfortable with how much Bryant has grown and matured since joining the Cowboys as a risky first-round pick in 2010.

Bryant has improved immensely in how he goes about his business in regards to practice, meetings and play book. But he also has done a great job in taking of his issues off the field as well, per Jones.

“Dez had unquestionably evolved faster and more than normal people from the time they have came into NFL to where he is today,” Jones said. “He has evolved to the positive more so. I will give everybody that. He is not the same guy the way he he approaches, the logical way he handles all of his issues. He is not the same guy as he was when he came into the league. That is as it should be. So he is more experienced.”