Dallas Cowboys

Michael Irvin: Joseph Randle's shoplifting was funny but calling out teammates was stupid

Michael Irvin had his share of off-the-field issues during his career with the Cowboys.

So it’s understandable for the Hall of Famer to weigh-in on the events surrounding running back Joseph Randle’s arrest last month and the bizarre jailhouse booking video that nearly shook up the locker room last week.

Irvin, who is in London working for the NFL Network, said Randle pointing out prior criminal incidents involving teammates Dez Bryant and Josh Brent was stupid but not surprising.

“Let’s be real: Fear makes you start rattling a lot of things out of your mouth,” Irvin said. “Stop playing around. And we can’t, and Dez can’t, don’t make it bigger than it is. It is what it is. Fear is a beast.

“It was a stupid deal on his part all the way around. We can’t expect a man who made a poor decision there to all of a sudden become Einstein when fear hits him. He’s not going to be that smart at that time to not say anything.”

Regarding the initial incident that resulted in Randle landing in a Frisco jail for stealing a bottle of tester cologne and a pair of underwear, Irvin couldn’t stop laughing.

He paused twice in laughter before answering that Randle needs help growing past his upbringing, and once he does, he will make better decisions.

“You see, that’s funny. That’s funny,” Irvin said. “It’s an issue. It’s something you don’t want happening, but it’s more funny than worrisome, because it’s crazy. That’s why I always say, this game is great, what the game does is give a lot of guys opportunities to leave from which they came, to move to where this game takes you, and a lot of times you have a great ability to play the game and it moves you faster than your ability to mature. I suffered that situation the same as Joseph suffered.

“What I’m trying to say succinctly is sometimes you can make enough money to move you out of the ghetto, but it doesn’t matter until you get the ghetto out of you. And that’s what we got to do with Joseph. You can’t be stealing drawers. He understands that.”