Dallas Cowboys

Home disadvantage? Rowdy Texans fans force Romo into silent count

Home is where the heart is.

A loud and frenzied crowd of 91,159 watched as the Dallas Cowboys beat the Houston Texans 20-17 in overtime Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

The in-state rivalry pushed the unofficial noise level on the scoreboard to more than 120 decibels throughout the game.

It was so loud that quarterback Tony Romo said the Cowboys had to go to a silent count on offense.

“I was a little bit surprised at the number of Houston fans out there. I think we ended up having to go to a silent count. That was the first time I had to do that throughout the game at home,” Romo said.

“Today, we played on the road in that football game through a lot it. More than anything, you could tell the crowd noise. That was every bit as loud as going to St. Louis or Tennessee [two road wins this season].”

Visiting crowds became an issue this season when the fans of the San Francisco 49ers came in big numbers for the season opener, a 28-17 Cowboys loss in front of 91,174.

Last week, the Saints brought lots of support as part of a crowd of 91,176 in a 38-17 Dallas win.

The Texans fans, heavily in the plaza areas, were “probably half and half, roughly, I don’t know,” according to Romo.

One thing is for sure: the crowd was ultra loud.

“We need to do a better job as a team, just as a fan base and everyone to make sure that we understand how big a difference playing at home is,” Romo said. “If we’re able to have that, we’re very, very tough to beat at home when we have that home-field advantage.

“Going forward, I’m just going to hopefully push that issue a little bit where we can have home-field advantage.”

Romo was asked if he was going to buy more tickets.

“If I need to, it would be worth it,” he said.

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