Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones says his biggest disappointment will come if Tony Romo doesn’t win a title

Tony Romo (9) led the Cowboys to a comeback victory over the Giants in the season opener.
Tony Romo (9) led the Cowboys to a comeback victory over the Giants in the season opener. AP

Jerry Jones repeated Friday what he’s said before: His biggest disappointment since buying the Cowboys in 1989 will come if the team doesn’t win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo as its quarterback.

“Tony is really good,” Jones said on his weekly radio show on 105.3FM. “I’ve said this, and I want to restate it: If he should go through a career with the Cowboys and not have knocked on the door one -- I’m going to go as far as say won a Super Bowl -- it would be my biggest disappointment having owned this team. He is a quarterback that can win Super Bowls. He is a franchise quarterback. …He’s who I want as opposed to a choice throughout the league.”

Romo received league MVP votes last season and got the Cowboys within sight of at least the NFC Championship Game. He has seven consecutive games with a passer rating above 100, including the postseason, and 13 of his past 16 games have been above 100.

Jones said no quarterback is doing it better than Romo is right now.

“He’s got skills, and his ability to read defenses, his ability to read them impromptu, plus be able to obviously make some plays that aren’t there,” Jones said. “All of those things, plus his experience now, which we’re seeing is that experience. But with these last two or three seasons, it’s unfortunate he’s had that injury season, or injury seasons, really over the last five or six years. But still, we’re getting the best of him now, and the best of him is probably, in my mind, the best there is.”