Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys have become Road Warriors

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett continues his mantra that last season has nothing to do with this season.
Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett continues his mantra that last season has nothing to do with this season. Star-Telegram

When the Cowboys head to Philadelphia this week, they will not only be looking for a second straight win to open the season but also trying to tie franchise-record for consecutive road wins.

One of the biggest reasons for the team’s success during last year’s breakthough 12-4 campaign was a perfect 8-0 record on the road. Dating to 2013 the Cowboys have won nine consecutive on the road. They now have a chance to match a 10-game streak set in 1968-69 and 2006-2007.

Of course, coach Jason Garrett has no interest in talking about continuing a streak that started last year. He only concerns himself with getting a win on Sunday and starting a new streak for 2015.

“Again you don’t carry it over. You start anew,” Garrett said. “This year’s team is very different than last year’s team, and we try to make that point very clear to everybody right at the outset. So we like how our team has worked and the foundation we’ve laid for our season, and we’re excited about this opportunity against Philadelphia on the road this week.”

Garrett has instilled the right kind of mindset into the Cowboys, allowing them to be focused and playing their best no matter the venue. But it takes a special resolve to consistently win on the road as the Cowboys have.

“I think being on the road and having success there is a lot to do with your mindset, your mentality and your mental toughness,” Garrett said. “And hopefully your team is built a certain way that you can handle some of the conditions that you deal with on the road. I think if you do those things at a high level: you have the right mindset, you have the right mentality, you have the right mental toughness and you have a team that can handle the different conditions whether it’s crowd noise or weather or some of the circumstances you have to deal with, I think you have good chance of winning on the road.

“It’s a challenge, though. But it’s a challenge to win every week. One of the things we try to emphasize to our team is that it really doesn’t matter where you play and who you play, it’s about us focusing on being the best versions of ourselves.”

Tight end Jason Witten said there is nothing more special than winning on the road. But what the Cowboys did last year is over. They have to start a new road streak in 2015, and that begins Sunday at Philadelphia .

“There is a mentality of your team against 100,000 people,” Witten said. “That’s been that way for a long time. It’s not easy to go do that. It’s not easy to play on the road and win and have success. So it’s a great feeling. But that’s been Garrett’s message since Day 1. You got to show it every week. You got to play well in big moments. You got to do all the little things that allow you to be successful. But that is over with. You got to recreate that with the way you play. We did a good job of that last year we to go prove that this year.”