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The ‘experts’ predict the Dallas Cowboys’ season

One of the more annoying traits of any good, self-promoting, self-serving and self-indulgent journalist is the ability to name-drop without fear of alienating a hotel full of people. It’s the, “Look how important I am — I exchanged five words with so and so...”

With that, it’s time to impress the masses with the “experts” that returned my messages on predictions for the 2015 Dallas Cowboys.

There is this gold from former NFL head coach Dan Reeves: “Mac, I’m not an analyst and I really know very little about Dallas to be able to give an opinion.”

Or this winner from Texas Rangers Hall of Fame play-by-play broadcaster Eric Nadel: “I don’t do predictions.”

And you can’t buy the brilliance from former NHL All-Star Jeremy Roenick: “Wow — I’m not really sure about that one.”

Actor Morris Chestnut, who played Ricky from the classic Boyz n the Hood, told me and R.J. Choppy and Shan Shariff on 105.3 The Fan on Thursday morning: “I think [the Cowboys] have the most things if you jell. You have the most complete team, in terms of being solid in the trenches and the line. The loss of [running back] DeMarco Murray may hurt you guys. And I’m excited about the Giants; every time we don’t look for them, they pop up and do something under Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning.”

Here are a sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew of predictions, from a range of WWE stars, baseball players, hockey people, football people, broadcasters, writers, reporters, columnists, radio people, dancers, etc.

Clarence E. Hill Jr., Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 11-5

Kurt Angle, former TNA and Olympic wrestler: Was never a Tony Romo fan until last year. It’s do or die, Cowboys/Tony. I think they will go to the Super Bowl. Will they win? I don’t know. Especially with the running back leaving. But I know they’re good enough to win the NFC championship. Don’t know if they can beat the Pats or Colts. My opinion.

Patrick Crayton, former Cowboys receiver: If the running game stays consistent, then 11-5. If you have to put it on Tony Romo, it may drop to 9-7. And the pass rush has to get to the quarterback. No. 1 key to defense is Sean Lee must stay on the field!

Charean Williams, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 10-6

Booker T, WWE Wrestler: Is Romo still playing? Then they’re not going to do [expletive].

Marty Turco, former Dallas Stars goalie: Wild card, win one playoff game.

Babe Laufenberg, Dallas Cowboys radio color analyst: Sounds silly, but I don’t do predictions.

Steve Busby, Texas Rangers TV play-by-play man: I’m going to say 11-5.

Brian Baldinger, Fox Sports NFL analyst: 10-6, second in the NFC East.

Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys.com: 11-5

Ted Madden, WFAA sports reporter: 11-5. Last year, everyone thought this team would suck, they go 12-4. This year everyone thinks they’ll be great... I guess I do, too.

Jeff “Skin” Wade 105.3 The Fan radio host: 10-6

Ben Rogers, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 12-4

Tim Love, celebrity chef: 11-5, finishing with six straight wins. Dallas wins the division and makes it to the NFC Championship Game.

Desmond Purnell, NFL Network: 11-5

David Watkins, NBC 5: 10-6

Scott Atchison, former TCU and current Cleveland Indians pitcher: 11-5.

Chris Arnold, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 11-5, NFC East champs.

Larry Centers, ex-NFL running back: NFC East champions, provided Romo can remain healthy. No Romo, no bueno.

Pat Doney, NBC 5: 10-6. They lose in the Super Bowl to Baltimore.

Steve Dennis, ESPN 103.3 radio host: 11-5, division champs, lose in NFC title game.

Kelly Shoppach, former Brewer, Baylor and veteran MLB catcher: 11-5. Still a lot of questions. I’m definitely a homer, but 11-5, NFC title game loss. After Week 6 when all the pieces are back, we’ll know for sure then. It’s very hard to repeat career years. As over half of the offense did last year — but that’s my prediction.

Bart Hubbuch, New York Post: 9-7

Jane Slater, The Longhorn Network: 12-4

Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN: 11-5, tied with the Eagles.

Schuyler Dixon, The Associated Press: 10-6

Mike Fisher, 105.3 The Fan: 11-5, win NFC East.

Mike Doocy, Fox 4 sports anchor: 10-6

Albert Breer, NFL Network: 10-6. They need to survive September without Greg Hardy and Ro McClain, and working around Orlando Scandrick’s absence. Strength on the lines of scrimmage will keep them in every game, and Romo is in a great spot to have a huge year.

Mat McBriar, former Dallas Cowboys punter: G’day Mac. Hmmm... should win the East, right? [Sean] Lee makes them much better, but they’ll miss DeMarco.

John Denton, TCU color analyst: 10-6, losses to Seattle, Patriots, Philly twice, Green Bay and at Washington.

Mickey Spagnola, DallasCowboys.com: 11-5

Brooke Williamson, Let’s Go DFW: 10-6

Tim MacMahon: ESPN.com: 11-5, NFC East title.

Kristi Scales, sideline radio reporter for Dallas Cowboys: 11-5

Trent Johnson, TCU men’s basketball coach: If they can get healthy and stay healthy, anything is possible.

Howard Bryant, ESPN The Magazine: 10 wins

Jeff Passan, Yahoo! Sports: Tony Romo will do something wrong, Jerry Jones will not cede power like he should have 15 years ago and status quo will reign, because the Cowboys are Groundhog Day without the happy ending.

Gina Miller, former WFAA reporter and current CBS 2/KCAL 9 anchor in Los Angeles: 11-5

Gabe Kapler, former Texas Rangers/MLB outfielder: 12-4. Win the NFC East. Win the NFC. Lose the Super Bowl to Indianapolis.

Kevin Hageland, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 11-5

Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers general manager: No-win question for a New York Giants fans. I root for a number of guys I’ve met over there, though.

Joe Trahan, WFAA sports reporter: 11-5

Geoff Ketchum, Orangebloods.Com owner: 10-6

Mark Davis, conservative talk show host: A division-winning 12-4 repeat seems like a possibility. So does a mediocre 8-8. Split the difference and make it 10-6.

Daryl Reaugh, Dallas Stars color analyst: 11-1-4

Eddie Gossage, Texas Motor Speedway president: 11-5. Not going to beat the Pats, Seahawks and Packers, for sure.

Randy Galloway, Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist: 10-6 and win the division.

Derek Holland, Texas Rangers starting pitcher: 12-4

Brian Estridge, voice of TCU and morning host on 820 WBAP: 9-7

Emily Jones, Texas Rangers reporter: 11-5, based on absolutely no research other than listening to the idiots like you on the radio.

Bonnie Ohlig, retired Dallas Mavericks dancer: 11-5

Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News: 11-5

Ralph Strangis, former longtime voice of Dallas Stars: At least 10 wins. Division champs.

Jason King, Bleacher Report senior writer: 13-3

Edward Egros, Fox 4 KDFW: 10-6

Brandon George, Dallas Morning News: 10-6

Todd Archer, ESPN NFL Nation: 17-0, look out, Dolphins. I’m kidding — 10-6.

Michael Young, former Texas Rangers infielder: 12-4. Domination. Toughest part is challenging road games late in the year.

Tom Grieve, Texas Rangers color analyst: 10-6

Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports: 10-6, wild card. Wins one playoff game and then takes an L.

Chip Brown, former Dallas Cowboys beat writer and current HornsScout.com writer: 10-6

Charles Davis, Fox Sports football analyst: 11-5, win NFC East.

Shan Shariff, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 11-5

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports: 12-4. Super Bowl loss to New England.

Drew Davison, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 10-6

R.J. Choppy, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 10-6. Not addressing the running game will be the biggest blunder of Jerry Jones’ era... and the Tennessee Volunteers will go 11-1.

Susy Solis, former CBS 11 and NBC 5 reporter: 11-5

Brad Sham, Dallas Cowboys radio voice: I think I weaseled out of this last year, so I will superstitiously choose the same weaselly path, with the proviso that I believe they are a strong playoff contender. Feel free to use the word “weasel” in print.

Chris Del Conte, TCU director of athletics: Picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. 12-4.

Bob Sturm, 1310 The Ticket: 11-5, division title

Nate Newton, former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman: 16-0 BABY!

Betsy Price, Fort Worth mayor: I think they will win the division and I hope they make it to the Super Bowl.

David Moore, Dallas Morning News: I said they would suck last season, so this year it’s 11-5.

Tim Brando, Fox Sports TV announcer: 9-7 and a wild-card season.

Roy White, 105.3 The Fan radio producer: 11-5

Chuck Cooperstein, Dallas Mavs radio voice: 11-5, lose to Seattle in NFC title game.

Kathryn Dunn, Former Miss Texas runner-up and current Dallas Mavs dancer: They will win the NFC East again, but I don’t know if it’s a Super Bowl year.

Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 11-5

Cedric Golden, Austin American-Statesman sports columnist: 11-5

Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition reporter and former Monday Night Football sideline reporter: Dude, judging by their offensive line, plus Dez Bryant and this improved D, THIS IS THE COWBOYS’ YEAR. And I love “Artsy Craftsy” Tony Romo, so obviously their record will be 14-2.

Chris Arnold, 105.3 The Fan radio host: 11-5

Caitlyn Beth, former Houston Texans cheerleader, model: I really don’t know because I don’t watch the Cowgirls. I’ll be nice and say 10-6.

Elizabeth Dinh, CBS Channel 11: Hoping for another good year; 12-4.

Rainer Sabin, Dallas Morning News: 11-5

Robert Littal, Black Sports Online editor: 11-5, Super Bowl appearance.

Lou Charles, hip hop artist: 11-5, NFC title game.

Mike Taylor, Ticket 760 in San Antonio host: 11-5. Win NFC East. Lose in NFC title game.

Jason McIntyre, The Big Lead editor: 8-8, no playoffs. First-place schedule, loss of Murray, offensive line won’t play as well. Scandrick loss is enormous.

Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman columnist: 10-6

Jason Lisk, The Big Lead managing editor: My prediction would be 9-7. Loss of Scandrick and uncertainty at running back, the first half of the schedule could give no breaks if Atlanta, New Orleans and Giants are improved.

Karen Borta, CBS 11 morning anchor: 10-6. Confession — I had to go to my husband for help. He’s pretty good at that stuff.

David Smoak, ESPN Central Texas: 11-5, NFC East title. Lose in NFC title game.

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