Dallas Cowboys

Whitehead catches touchdown pass, makes a play for the roster

Receiver Lucky Whitehead may have lost the punt return job to Cole Beasley but the undrafted free agent from Florida Atlantic moved a step closer toward securing main prize of making the Cowboys roster.

Whitehead, who has been a standout throughout training camp, showed that he can be counted on with an 8-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Tony Romo in the Cowboys’ 28-14 preseason loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Whitehead was so excited about making the catch that he didn’t know what to do. He stood there frozen in the end zone.

“It was definitely crazy for me,” Whitehead said. “A lot of guys thought I should have celebrated. I was just letting it soak in. It was such a surreal moment. But it was definitely big.”

The touchdown came after Romo spinned out of trouble to buy time and hit Whitehead running across the end zone.

“I saw him back out and I had an over route anyway,” Whitehead said. “If he don’t throw it to you first you have to stay alive so I kept running and he found me and it was definitely good. We do it all the time in practice.”

Whitehead said he was just trying to make a play to catch the coaches attention, give the team a spark.

He certainly has caught the eye of Romo.

“He’s had a good camp,” Romo said. “He brings it every day. When we talk to the rookies, one of the points we want to make is to figure out how to turn that internal clock on everyday you walk into the locker room. It’s hard; it’s not easy to get ready for practice everyday and commit. Then get into the playbook and not get much sleep then do it again the next day. If you flip the switch when you walk in there, you have a chance, and he does that everyday. He’s a football player.”

Whitehead entered camp hoping the earn a job as the team’s primary punt return. But he has had a penchant for drops, causing the Cowboys to prefer the more trustworthy hands of veteran receiver Cole Beasley.

“For me I’m a big play type of guy,” Whitehead said. “I’m trying to make a play before I have the ball in my hand. I I try to see things before I have the ball. That is something I need to work on.”

What he has accomplished is seemingly work his way on to the team as the fifth receiver.

But he has one more preseason game and the final cuts to sweat.

“I think I made the most of my opporunity,” Whitehead said.