Dallas Cowboys

Chris Bosh visits the Dallas Cowboys

Chris Bosh, center, has won two NBA titles with the Miami Heat.
Chris Bosh, center, has won two NBA titles with the Miami Heat. AP

NBA star and Dallas Lincoln product Chris Bosh became the latest celebrity to visit Cowboys training camp.

The Miami Heat forward arrived a little after the morning practice Friday, and the lifelong fan soaked in the atmosphere. He met briefly with owner Jerry Jones, and posed for pictures with Tony Romo and Tyron Smith.

“I’ve been trying to make it for the last few years, I never get a chance because my summers have been shorter [with title runs with the Heat],” Bosh said. “It’s been a little longer this year, so I was able to come out and spend some time.

“It’s funny. I don’t what it is about being a Cowboys’ fan … people give you crap everywhere. I’ve been holding on for awhile now.”

Bosh, like many, is optimistic that this could be the team to break what has become a 20-year championship drought. Bosh understands what it takes to become a championship team, winning back-to-back titles with the Heat in 2012-13.

What would his advice to the Cowboys be?

“Play together and take it one week at a time,” Bosh said. “That’s really the best way to go. Give your best out there. Always believe in yourself and the man next to you. You know, go out there and get the job done.”

Bosh named Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders as two of his favorites growing up, but said he hasn’t gotten to know any of the current players because the NBA and NFL schedules don’t share much mutual off-season time.

“That’s part of the reason why I wanted to come out and meet some of the guys,” Bosh said. “This is a cool experience.”