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Dez Bryant says signing with Roc Nation was a life-changing decision

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant says Roc Nation and Jay-Z mean the world to him.
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant says Roc Nation and Jay-Z mean the world to him. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Receiver Dez Bryant was already on the road to maturity and responsibility after a few off-the-field hiccups earlier in his career.

But he says the decision to hire Roc Nation Sports to represent him with contracts and marketing was a life-altering move for him because of the respect he has rapper Jay-Z, who owns the company. Bryant said Roc Nation means the world to him and he leans on Jay-Z for advice.

“I think when I signed with Roc Nation, that was life changing deal for me,” Bryant said. “They just helped me understand a lot of things. A lot of questions were answered. They also mean the world to me too. They put me in a different light. What I mean by that is like they’re showing me things. Things that I thought I might have, I might have been on that route but they just know how to maximize it and give me that full understanding of certain things. And things that I thought about, they made me feel comfortable bringing it out, expressing myself the right way, the correct way. Just the way that they do things is all the way right.”

Not only did Roc Nation along with agent Tom Condon of CAA help finalize the five-year, $70 million contract extension he signed with the Cowboys July 15 but they also have given him a new level of confidence in how he handles himself.

“Look at me. Look at how I’ve been going about my business,” Bryant said. “I give them credit for that. They gave me a boost of confidence, I give them that. They gave me a boost of confidence. And I thank them. I’m cautious in a good way about the moves that I make. Just because certain things that came about, even if they were false, I take all blame for all of that. I just know that it will never happen again. I will never be in those kind of situations to where somebody can say this or say that. That will never happen again.”

Bryant has yet to buy anything major with his new riches. But he said he has plans on buying a home with new-found financial security.

“It feels good. I feel good about it. Who wouldn’t?”, beamed a smiling Bryant.