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Jerry Jones: Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is no ‘yes man’ and other bye-week thoughts  

In the euphoria of the 37-10 season-saving victory against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, owner Jerry Jones acknowledged that he is looking for reasons to keep coach Jason Garrett.

Jones talked about the difficulty of choosing the right coach and all the changes that come with that while admitting a certain level of comfort and security with Garrett as the head man.

On his radio show on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday, Jones expounded on the importance of the relationship between the head coach and owner and said Garrett was no ‘yes man’.

“It’s really important to have a relationship,” Jones said. “Is it important that you have a yes-man there from any perspective? It’s important not to have a yes-man. Jason Garrett is not a yes-man. I don’t say that must me protest. I say that because he’s not. Is Jason respectful of the order of things? Of course he is.”

Here are some other bye-week thoughts from Jones on his radio show:

Did the criticism over the three-game losing and streak and Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s guarantee serve as added motivation in the win?

“Yeah, I think it does,” Jones said. “It’s not mistake, Pederson’s comment. I looked at it as it was appropriate as far as normally not giving what we call ‘locker room fodder’ or things to hang on the wall in the opposing team’s locker room. But as I well know you got to watch out. You can mean one thing and it be interpreted as another, and that’s what actually sticks. It did stick and it motivates. One of the biggest motivating things in my life is that people would say you can’t do it. I must tell you I’ve had a lot of criticism since being involved in buying the Dallas Cowboys. It has done nothing but motivate me. I don’t like it, but it motivates me.”

There is a report that you guys may have a tough time keeping receiver Amari Cooper as a free agent in the offseason?

“We’re proud to have Amari,” Jones said. “He’s impactful to our team. That’s exactly what we use that pick for. He’s certainly performed at the level that we anticipated. As far as extending him, I know that no one has that type of information because I’m the only one that ultimately makes that decision. I have no reason to think that Amari Cooper won’t finish his career with the Dallas Cowboys.”

Do you view this as your last best chance to win as owner of the Cowboys?

“No. I don’t,” Jones said. “I don’t view this in any way as my last season. I hope to be involved in many years to come.”

Are you happy to be going into the bye with a 4-3 record, knowing how tough the schedule is down the stretch?

“I’d like to be ahead of where we are, but the key thing is looking at the team and the question is about the schedule, as it should be,” Jones said. “You can see there we lost a couple of close ones, and we probably lost a third one that we could have won, or any combination of one, two, or three in between there. But, boy, do I like what we did with those four wins. And, so, it’s where the team is, and I like where this team is relative to looking ahead to our competition. We’re going to be able to compete. This bye does give us a chance to be healthier, reasonably healthy. That’s key, real key. If we can do that, the players that are evolving. I look at the makeup of our offensive line. We got a real chance. We’ve got that good depth, I’m talking injury wise here. Look over at our defensive line. I see what’s coming on the way. I like this team. So, I don’t want to look at the daunting aspect of the teams we’ve got to play ahead. This is going to be fun for our fans.”

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