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Why Michael Irvin says Dak Prescott deserves mega deal: ‘This ain’t easy to find.’

Dallas Cowboys: Garrett talks Dak and Moore relationship

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talking about Dak Prescott's relationship with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.
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Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talking about Dak Prescott's relationship with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Count Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin all in on a mega-deal for quarterback Dak Prescott.

The price tag shouldn’t matter.

Prescott, who is in the final year of his rookie deal, is in the midst of contract negotiations with the Cowboys on a long-term contract extension that could pay him at least $30 million annually.

He is due to make $2.025 million in 2019.

But the Cowboys have acknowledged he is worthy of a new deal after severely outperforming his contract as the team’s fourth-round pick in 2016. He has started every game over the last three years, leading them to 32 wins, two NFC East titles, two trips to the playoffs and a playoff win.

Prescott has proven himself as the team’s QB to Irvin.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Dak is the right guy,” Irvin said to reporters at the Cowboys headquarters on Wednesday. “Look at these teams: I mean, people stop it. Look at these damn teams. Dolphins, Jaguars: They’ve been looking for a quarterback for almost 15-20 years. This ain’t easy to find. It’s not easy to find and you don’t let one walk out the door if you got one.”

The Cowboys agree. They have no doubt in their mind that Prescott is their guy.

The question is how much to pay him in the current rising market for franchise quarterbacks.

Irvin says the market is the market and the longer the Cowboys wait, the higher the price tag might go.

If the Cowboys don’t sign him to an extension they will likely have to franchise him after the season at $31 million.

Consider that before the end of the 2018 season, the 2020 franchise tag was roughly $28 million for quarterbacks. That was before Seattle’s Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, and Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz got deals of $35 million, $34 million, $33.5 and $32 million annually, respectively, to drive up the market.

That Prescott is the face of the team and handles himself with class and professionalism off the field to go along with his leadership and stellar play makes it a no brainer for Irvin. He said the Cowboys should not wait any longer.

“When you have the heart and soul and leader of your team at the quarterback position, I don’t know why we’re talking about his money,” Irvin said. “That’s worth $15-20 million, by itself, a year. Now you got to pay him to play football also. “I mean, let’s be real here. It shouldn’t even be a discussion when we talk about it, and the amount of wins this man has had, and the way he’s won football games. It shouldn’t even be a discussion. It really shouldn’t.’‘

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