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Has Dallas been fielding any trade offers since the draft? Is safety still a concern?

Are the Dallas Cowboys still in the market for a safety?

If you’ll recall the team spent months focusing on the position during free agency and the pre-draft process and failed to dramatically upgrade the position via both avenues. They, instead, chose to sign free agent George Iloka to a minimum deal and bypassed one in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft before taking Texas A&M’s Donovan Wilson in the sixth round.

So, this again begs the question of whether or not the Cowboys are still looking to upgrade the position.

That appears to be a matter of perspective.

Vice president Stephen Jones acknowledged on Wednesday that they have gotten calls from several teams since the end of the draft looking to possibly poach a player at a position where the Cowboys have depth, like the offense line, and offering a safety in return.

”We’ve already started getting a few calls from people needing things and knowing that we might need, thinking we might need a safety; ‘would we be willing to trade this player for that player’,” Jones said. “I think this is going to pay for us. We’re not in any hurry. We feel good about our safety position. I just think we’ve got a good situation. Now we’ve just got to keep working.”

Jones claims the Cowboys are happy with their safeties, namely Iloka, Jeff Heath, Wilson and Kavon Frazier who will all compete at strong safety opposite free safety Xavier Woods. It would have to be the right fit for them to make a move.

“I think it’s hard to think anybody is going to upgrade us there,” Jones said. “And not just anybody fits in what we are trying as an organization to get accomplished at that position. A lot of people say there is this safety and that safety, it has to be a safety that works for us. We will just continue to work through that. We are not going to be in any hurry. We are comfortable with the guys we have. We know we can go out there and play really good defense with the guys we have. And it’s going to be interesting to see how some of these new guys compete with the older group.“

What’s also true is that the Cowboys are still open to the right upgrade at the position. Dallas is comfortable with the guys they have so they don’t have to be in a hurry. And because the Cowboys are comfortable, they would approach a trade request for one of their players at a position of strength from a position of strength.

But the door is not closed for a team that was open and aggressive about addressing the position in a definitive way during the draft only to get more of what they already had.

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