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Hilarious Cowboys drinking game can get you through anything. Just listen to its creators

The Cowboys have driven plenty of fans to drink, including those who cheer for and against the team.

Coaches, players and even the owner often do something so colossally stupid during a game that every inanimate object within reach suddenly becomes a flight risk.

Opposing teams and players cause headaches, too.

Last Saturday, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin made a ridiculous fourth-down catch that eventually lead to have the Seattle a 14-10 lead.

Nick Maryan promptly slapped his hand against the brick wall inside his Chicago apartment. Then, he drank.

Everyone else followed suit.

Maryan eventually saw his team prevail. But for the others in attendance, this particular football viewing experience was unique.

This was the first time this group had played the drinking game, which is aptly titled ‘Watching Nick Watching Cowboys.’

On Sunday, Jordan Mckeever, a member of the friend group in Chicago, posted the rules on her Instagram account.


Unlike many members of ‘Cowboys Nation,’ Maryan is actually from DFW (he was born in Plano and is a 2013 graduate of the Greenhill School in Addison).

The roots of the game were actually planted from the seeds of occasional bordem.

Maryan and several friends attended and graduated from Kenyon College (located in Gambier, Ohio) a couple of years ago.

“It was so rural so we would come up with funny drinking games to make things a little more entertaining,” Maryan said.

An early example was a drinking games centered around movies, such as the Coen brothers classic ‘No Country for Old Men.’ Presidential debates were next on the list.

Initially, Maryan came up with his own Cowboys-centric game based on rules he created.

But Max Siegrist, an Annapolis native and a fan of the Ravens, quickly realized that wasn’t going to work. So, he and several others in the group re-wrote a version that was more reflective of their friend’s peculiar mannerisms.

“My friends constantly joke that watching me watch the game is more entertaining than watching the actual game,” Maryan admitted.

Last Saturday, the game finally came to life.

“We always give Nick a tough time about him and the Cowboys,” Siegrist said. “But when you are a fan of the most insufferable team with the most insufferable fan base, sorry, it’s a fun tease.”

The group will play the game on Saturday night when the Cowboys visit the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC divisional round.

But, at least for now, Maryan has made it clear that the intensity of his fandom will limit any property damage to apartment.

“I don’t like going to bars or public places to watch big games unless I absolutely have to.”

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