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Cowboys’ Tank Lawrence said what his teammates were thinking, and they all backed it up

DeMarcus Lawrence let loose in the locker room after Tuesday’s practice, unleashing a profanity-laced and funny summation of his personal game plan for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints’ offense.

In short, he said, New Orleans needed to be made uncomfortable and choked out.

The Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end extraordinaire was getting agitated with questions that included variations of the notion that the Saints offense was unstoppable.

Lawrence and the Cowboys’ defense did that Thursday night, holding the Saints to a season-low 176 yards and 14 first downs in a smothering 13-10 win at AT&T Stadium.

The Saints, who entered the game with a league-high 409 points in 11 games, hadn’t scored less than 21 points in a game in 2018. The last time the Saints scored fewer points was three years to the day (Nov. 29, 2015) when they were held to six points against the Texans.

Turns out, Lawrence wasn’t happy his comments were reported, according to teammate Tyrone Crawford. It’s puzzling why Lawrence would think his comments were off the record when multiple reporters still had their recorders in his face (including mine).

Lawrence said after the game that his comments “were twisted” by the media and “made into something it wasn’t.”

Nah. It was reported accurately.

“DeMarcus was actually extremely upset that that got out,” Crawford said. “But that’s how everybody talks. Everyone wants to say things like that. If you want to say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself and to the world.”

Crawford said that the team was forced to back up Lawrence’s claims Thursday night.

“The fact that it got out, we had to hold them down,” he said. “It’s unfortunate we can’t say things like that without it getting out and causing such a big distraction. But we wiped it away and we got rid of anybody trying to get us thinking about the wrong thing.”

Linebacker Jaylon Smith, who was being interviewed by a throng of reporters on Tuesday when Lawrence joined him and then took over the interview, downplayed the whole thing.

“We ride for each other. It’s all about us. The team, the team, the team,” he said. “The star of the defense is the defense. We want to win and that’s what we focus on.”

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