Dallas Cowboys

‘It’s going to open up for everyone’: Ezekiel Elliott on the revamped Cowboys offense

The Dallas Cowboys are fourth in the league in rushing but Ezekiel Elliott knows the running game is not where it should be.

In fact, the entire team knows it, including the offensive line. It’s one of the reasons offensive line coach Paul Alexander was fired and wide receiver Amari Cooper was acquired during the bye week.

The Cowboys return to action at 7:15 p.m. Monday against the Tennessee Titans at AT&T Stadium.

“I think it’s a great move,” Elliott said of the Cooper trade. “He’s a special player. You can just tell he’s special by the way he runs around. He’s electrifying. He’s one of those guys that you kind of hold your breath every time he catches the ball. He’s a great add to this offense and I’m excited.”

The Cowboys are hoping Cooper not only helps Dak Prescott improve the passing game, but in turn also helps open up the middle for Elliott, who is second in the NFL with 619 yards rushing.

“It’s going to open up for everyone. A guy with his speed and ability is going to draw a lot of attention and I think it’s going to help everyone on offense,” said Elliott, who had a season-low 33 yards on 15 carries in the loss at Washington. Elliott applauded the promotion of Marc Colombo from assistant to OL coach and the inclusion of consultant Hudson Houck.

“Those are guys who know the culture of that o-line and the culture of this team,” he said. “They’re perfect fits so I don’t think it’s going to change anything. I think it’s a great move.”

And for a 3-4 team with playoff aspirations, the moves are a clear signal that expectations haven’t waned.

“100 percent. There’s definitely a different focus in this locker room and we’re excited for this nine-game season we have coming,” Elliott said. “Amari is going to draw attention. If they don’t then they’re going to get hurt. It will definitely loosen that box up and make things a little bit easier. Teams know when they play us we’re going to run the ball. That’s always going to be the focus. But it’s going to help for sure just having Amari over there.”

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