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Why Cole Beasley says Amari Cooper’s impact on Cowboys is ‘the roof with no ceiling’

Dallas Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley is feeling himself these days.

With 33 catches for 350 yards through seven games, he is on pace to match his career high total of 75 catches from 2016 and possibly the long-term contract extension he desires and certainly deserves.

There is no question he is the best part of Dallas’ struggling passing game, which ranks 29th in the league.

But that facet of the game, which is most responsible for the Cowboys’ 3-4 start, needs some help to make the offense flourish so Dallas can realize its season-long goals of winning the NFC East and making the playoffs.

So Beasley is welcoming Amari Cooper with open arms.

He said Cooper’s addition has provided an emotional boost to the team during the bye week following last Sunday’s 20-17 loss to the Washington Redskins, and should pay dividends when the Cowboys return for the Nov. 5 game against the Tennessee Titans.

“It’s good. He is a baller, man,” Beasley said. “He definitely has some juice. Any help is needed. I am glad we did something to add to us. It will only make us more dangerous. If anything added, added firepower is going to help. We should be good.”

Beasley said he has only seen limited clips of Cooper from his days with the Raiders. But he said he liked what he saw then and what he has seen on the practice field so far this week.

Beasley sees Cooper as a player with unlimited potential.

“I just know he has some juice,” Beasley said. “Off the line, getting off of press, he is really good, which is one of the hardest things about the NFL. So if you got that, it is really the roof. There is no ceiling.”

Beasley doesn’t know how much Cooper’s addition will impact his game because he’s already rolling. But he thinks it can only help, which is bad news for opposing defenses.

“I don’t know, we will find out. Hopefully, a lot,” Beasley said when asked if Cooper will open up more things in the middle of the field for him. “I have been all right without it so ... If it’s any easier for me, the defense is going to be in trouble.”

Beasley said he believes Cooper’s presence will have a bigger impact opening things up for Ezekiel Elliott and the running game. He said they can’t load the box and will now have to respect the outside receivers.

“They got to do something different knowing he is over there. He has got that talent,” Beasley said.

And Beasley has his patented sauce.

What he wants most, outside of the winning season and playoff run, is to get appreciated financially.

“I’m trying to get paid,” Beasley said.

He has earned it so far.

And if Cooper does open more things inside for Beasley, then the ceiling will be the roof for him as well.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. :@clarencehilljr
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