Dallas Cowboys

Charles Haley likes the edginess that Randy Gregory brings, says the Cowboys ‘got a steal’

Newly elected Hall of Famer Charles Haley is a huge fan of Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory, picked in the second round by the Cowboys.

The Cowboys got Gregory with the 60th overall pick after he fell to the second round because of a failed drug test. He was ranked in the top 10 on their draft board and as the top pass rusher, per owner Jerry Jones.

Haley knows a little something about pass-rushing defensive ends considering he was one the most feared in game during his career and he says Gregory can flat out play.

“The film that I saw, hey, the guy can get it done,” Haley said. “I just can’t believe that they got him in the second round. The Cowboys got a steal. You can’t have enough pass rushers.

“The guy should come in with a chip on his shoulder from being a second-rounder. Just like a lot of those guys that got drafted later, you come here with an attitude ready to work, because most guys come in as a first rounder and they think they already got it. He’s got something to prove.”

There is no secret that Haley was considered problem child at times during his NFL career. But he likes the fact that Gregory plays with a little bit of an edge. It’s something that must be monitored off the field but it’s a great advantage on game day.

“The best pass rushers are those that don’t have fear,” Haley said. “When I watched this kid play, he’s not afraid to stick his nose in there. He’s not afraid to be great.”

Haley met with Gregory during the NFL Draft in Chicago when all the NFL legends had a meeting with potential first round picks.

He said will be here as mentor and sounding board for Gregory when he gets to Dallas as will other former Cowboys legends. He also believes on Jones will put the right support system in place to help Gregory handled his problems off the field.

“He’s got an owner that’s not only going to stand with him, but stand in front of him and take some of the blows,” Haley said. “And Jerry [Jones] is not alone. He has a family of ex-players that love the Dallas Cowboys and are willing to come back and help.”