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Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr on pay cut threat: “I’m here until told otherwise”

Brandon Carr didn’t discuss his contract situation Sunday night, although the Cowboys could ask him to take a pay cut. (Star-Telegram/Ron Jenkins)
Brandon Carr didn’t discuss his contract situation Sunday night, although the Cowboys could ask him to take a pay cut. (Star-Telegram/Ron Jenkins) Star-Telegram

Now that the 2015 NFL Draft is over the Cowboys can turn their attention to cornerback Brandon Carr.

The team has indicated it wants to address Carr’s contract in the form of a pay cut or a possible June 1 release if he is not cooperative.

The Cowboys don’t believe Carr’s production _ he had no interceptions last year _ has lived up to the five-year, $50.2 million deal he signed in 2012. They are looking to reduce $8 million base salary for 2015.

Vice President Stephen Jones has yet to make a formal request to Carr or his agent Ben Dogra. But he did say it would be addressed after the draft.

Dogra said during the owner’s meeting in March that Carr was not going to take a pay cut.

The Cowboys, however, believe Carr will be willing to cooperate with them to stay in Dallas.

So what does Carr say?

“Some things I don’t discuss out in public,’’ Carr said at Taste of the NFL at AT&T Stadium Sunday night. “This is one of those. I’m still here. I’m here until told otherwise. That’s my philosophy.

“At the end of the day, if I’m playing football then I’m going to give my all for whoever I’m playing for.’’

Carr has been a full participant in the team’s offseason program and has made it clear he wants to remain with the Cowboys. But his biggest focus is getting ready for the 2015 season and playing football for somebody.

“I love playing football,” he said. “I love being a Dallas Cowboy as well. That’s been stated many times. But, you know, I know how this business is. I know how the game goes. At the end of the day if I’m blessed to play this game, that’s all I’m looking forward to.”

Carr doesn’t look at the team’s drafting of Connecticut cornerback Byron Jones in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft as message to him or a threat to his job security.

He actually welcomes the opportunity to groom Jones.

“I say we’ve got a young guy, drafted a guy, a defensive back and they thought highly of him,’’ Carr said. “I’m looking forward to having him in the room with us and grooming him to get ready to play.’’

That’s actually the Cowboys point of view. While they want Carr to take a pay cut, they also want him on the team in 2015 and have said that unequivocally.

The ideal scenario for the Cowboys is for Carr, Orlando Scandrick and a healthy Morris Claiborne to play cornerback, allowing them to move Jones to free safety.

Of course, they need Carr to come back with a pay cut. They need to find a way to make the Scandrick, who is disgruntled with his contract, happy. And for Claiborne, who missed last season with a torn patella tendon, to get back on the field for training camp.