Dallas Cowboys

Giddy Jerry Jones says draft was a continuation of a major overhaul on defense

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was downright giddy over a defensive-oriented 2015 NFL Draft.

Five of the Cowboys first six picks were on defense, including cornerback Byron Jones and defensive end Ryan Gregory in the first and second rounds respectively.

Jones said it was the continuation of a complete overhaul of a much-maligned unit that has been the team’s weak link the past few years.

And add that to what the Cowboys accomplished in free agency, the return to health of Sean Lee and the continued development of some of the young defensive players they added last year and Jones said this is a completely different unit than the one that struggled to get pressure on quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Divisional playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers.

“Gosh when you look down through there, potential and everything is potential,” Jones said. “But when you look at the positions and everything on the defense I couldn’t have asked for more in this draft.We addressed some key positions. Weak side linebacker is a key position for us. Pressure player is a key position for us. And certainly in this particular place, corner was key. Put it all together this thing has been a major overhaul on defense.This is a very significant sea change of what we are doing on defense and its all for the better. We are dramatically improved personnel wise from the team that was on the field against Rogers in playoff game against Green Bay.”