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Report: Jones requests a league meeting to discuss Goodell’s contract extension

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Is that lipstick on Jerry’s cheek? Spoiler alert: yes.
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Is that lipstick on Jerry’s cheek? Spoiler alert: yes.

Dallas Cowboys is not backing down on his attempt to block a contract extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, despite “threats of retaliation” from other NFL owners.

Jones on Thursday requested a special league meeting to discuss Goodell’s contract extension negotiations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, Jones sent the NFL a letter, calling for a meeting on Nov. 28 to discuss the negotiations, oversight of the compensation committee handling the deal, and the date of a vote on the extension. He cited “threats of retaliation” against him by other owners in recent weeks, which included reports of possible discipline from suspension, to fines, to loss of possible draft picks.

The NFL “has undergone unprecedented upheaval in the last two years, including a significant decline in television ratings, increased advertiser discontent, high-profile litigation concerning player suspensions, and decreasing ticket sales,” Jones wrote in the letter, per the Wall Street Journal. “This is not the time for the League to undertake massive contractual obligations which are inconsistent with the League’s performance.”

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple said the team had no comment on the matter.

Jones has threatened to sue the NFL and has refused to back down in attempts to obstruct the extension, which has been discussed by the league’s compensation committee.

The league sent a letter to Jones’ lawyer, David Boies, who Jones hired to represent him in a possible suit against the NFL. The letter says that Jones’ “antics” are “damaging the League and reflect conduct detrimental to the League’s best interests.”

The disciplinary actions include a fine, suspension or loss off a draft pick or picks by the Cowboys, the report said.

“With due respect, we urge Mr. Jones to drop his misguided litigation threats and media campaign to undermine the Committee’s mandate,” said the letter sent from NFL attorney Brad S. Karp to Boies, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post.

“We urge Mr. Jones to honor the resolution that he and his fellow owners adopted and allow the Committee to continue its work, in compliance with the May 2017 Resolution and the League Constitution. And we urge Mr. Jones to support the Committee’s deliberations, not attempt to sabotage them.”

Early this week, Jones reiterated that he would continue to fight the Goodell extension.

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