Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett said Greg Hardy’s contract holds him accountable

Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones said part of the deal the controversial defensive end Greg Hardy is that he must hold himself accountable. But also key is the unique incentive-laden contract also allows the Cowboys to hold him.

Hardy’s one-year contract has a base value of $11.3 million, but $9.25 million is tied up in per-game roster bonuses. The contract has no signing bonus and his base salary is $745,000. He can make $1.3 million in work out bonus, paid out weekly, which require him to be at the facility. He can get another $1.8 million in incentives based off sacks. The per-game roster bonus is $578,125 up to $9.25 million. That addresses a possible suspension from the NFL and serves a hammer of he sways off course. He also will not get paid if he placed on injured reserve.

So Hardy must play well and play nice with others on and off the field.

“If you think about the contract we structured with Greg Hardy, there is great freedom for us to make the right decision for our football team at any time if we don’t feel like he’s becoming the right kind of guy,” Garrett said. “That was a very important part of this contract. We were not going to sign a contract where we didn’t have that ability to hold him accountable. We were not going to sign him to a contract where he was going to be guaranteed a lot of money, and, whatever happened, he was just going to be on our football team. I think that was almost Line One as we were working through all the specifics of the contract. That was something that was a definite for us. And it’s something that, frankly, he responded well to.”

According to Jones, Hardy and his agent Drew Rosenhaus welcomed the unique contract that covers everything from potential suspension, bad behavior and domestic violence issues.

“The contract covers all league requirements,” Jones said. “The contract anticipates any league punishments. It anticipates league behavior requirements. It addresses all of that, league wise or club wise. We were very sensitive to his issue. We all were…him and his agent. We addressed it all in the agreement. Anything that anybody would have expected from our addressing domestic violence is addressed in the contract.”