Dallas Cowboys

Former A&M star Damontre Moore excited for new start in Dallas

It's been an interesting five years in the NFL for former Texas A&M and Rowlett star Damontre Moore.

After playing 42 games during his first three years with the New York Giants, the defensive end has played in just seven games over the past two seasons with the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks.

He also had an 88-day off-season stint with the Oakland Raiders

His time with the Giants was culminated following a fight with a teammate over headphones, but it was largely based on poor decision making and lack of production. He had 8.5 sacks in three years, including 5.5 in 2014.

He played three games with Miami in 2015 and four games with the Seahawks in 2016.

Moore signed with the pass-rush needy Dallas Cowboys hoping to reclaim his career with his hometown team.

"I considered a couple of other options," Moore said. "But the Cowboys showed me the most love. They acted like they wanted me. And just to have the opportunity to play for your hometown time, I was like 'why not?'".

Moore said his goal is to refocus and rekindle everything and try to contribute in any way he can, even on special teams.

“[Damontre] has done a nice job for us," Garrett said. "[He's] come in here, worked hard, certainly has ability and explosiveness.”

Garrett said Moore is most suited for right defensive end. But he is also getting reps on the left side as well as a gunner on special teams.

The 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end might be flanked out wide to cover punts down field. He has that type of speed and athleticism.

It's another example of Moore's maturity since his troubled stint with the Giants and bodes well in his quest to stick with the Cowboys in what could be his last chance at an NFL career.

"Everything happens for reason," Moore said. "Like Drake said, 'It's better late than never'...and like (Albert) Einstein said, 'there are 300 ways to not make a light bulb. Once I got that one way, then I can make it.' This is my one way to make that light bulb."

Of course, Moore got Einstein confused with Thomas Edison. And he soon tweeted out a retraction.

That's a mistake the Cowboys can live with. It's the sentiment that matters most. And he is showing that he is ready to for his light to shine.

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