Dallas Cowboys

Taco, Pacman, Rocket, Too Tall on Dallas Cowboys’ catchy names list

The name game can be fun.

With Taco Charlton joining the Dallas Cowboys as a first-round selection in the NFL Draft over the weekend, it jogs the memory of some of the other catchy names in franchise history.

For the record, Taco Charlton’s birth first name is Vidauntae. The name Taco was given to him by his grandmother. Charlton was born premature. His grandmother, Veddiann, used the Taco Bell slogan of “making a run for the border” to describe his premature birth.

“It is thanks to my mother and grandmother. They gave me the name before I was born. It kind of stuck. I really didn’t have anything to do with it,” Charlton said. “Like I said, once your grandmother and your mom give you a name, there is no really running away from it.”

Here are a few other catchy names in Cowboys’ history:

Rocket Ismail: He was fast to say the least. Raghib Ismail played wide receiver from 1999-2001.

Too Tall Jones: He was 6-feet-9 inches tall. Ed Jones played defensive end from 1974-78 and again from 1980-89.

Moose Johnston: Moose calls. Daryl Johnston was a big running back wearing even bigger pads as noted by backup quarterback Babe Laufenberg. He was a devastating blocker and red-zone runner from 1989-99.

Hollywood Henderson: Flamboyant linebacker whose showmanship extended off the field. Thomas Henderson played from 1975-79.

Peppi Zellner: Remember the Warner Bros character Pepé Le Pew? Zellner’s grandmother gave him the name. He was a chubby and sometimes rambunctious youth. Hunndens Guiseppi Zellner played defensive end from 1999-2002.

Pacman Jones: Controversial cornerback got his nickname from his mom because of how fast he drank milk as an infant. Adam Jones, who tried to drop the nickname while in Dallas, played one season in 2008.

Dak Prescott: Dak is short for Dakota, the quarterback’s middle name. Rayne Dakota Prescott is beginning his second season.

Golden Richards: Golden was part of his birth name. His nickname was White Lightning. John Golden Richards played wide receiver from 1973-78.

Tex Schramm: Texas was his father’s name, thus the junior. The late Texas Earnest Schramm Jr. was president and general manager from 1959-1989.

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