Dallas Cowboys

Getting to know Cowboys fourth-round pick Ryan Switzer

Ryan Switzer believes he’s the best return man in the NFL draft.

The Dallas Cowboys certainly hope so, opening Day 3 of the draft by taking the North Carolina wide receiver in the fourth round.

Switzer returned seven punts for touchdowns in his college career, including tying the NCAA single-season record with five in 2013. He’s an upgrade over Lucky Whitehead, who hasn’t scored a return touchdown in two seasons.

Switzer also had the most interesting conference call so far in the draft, discussing a wide-array of subjects.

On having the word “believe” tattooed on his inner lip, something he said wasn’t painful: “It’s my absolute favorite word. My mantra. And it’s a place where my mom wouldn’t see it and wouldn’t get mad at me.”

On his favorite “love” movie to watch before the game:The Vow with Channing Tatum. Great, solid flick that always calms me down; always gets me in the zone.”

On his favorite Christmas movie: “It has to be It’s a Wonderful Life. It has to be. I know that’s an old black and white flick, but my absolute favorite. Heartwarming and all that good stuff.”

On his favorite character on The Office: “I know it sounds cliché, but it’s got to be Michael Scott. There is no office without him. I know they did three seasons without him, which I watched, obviously, but Michael Scott is the GOAT, man. I don’t think anybody is topping him.”

On what he brings to the Cowboys: “I think I’m the best returner in the draft. I think Dallas knew that. My background as a running back – I just finished my fourth year playing receiver, at any level – so my background as a running back, my vision, allows me make things out of nothing happen. I’m also a tough guy. I take risks. I field punts that most guys usually wouldn’t, which has allowed me to have success at the college level. Hopefully I can continue to help out the team at the next level with it.”

On his game comparing to Cowboys WR Cole Beasley: “I have studied his tape a lot and I really like what he does. He plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. He is a tough cover one-on-one and he knows how to work zones as well. This fourth year for me as a receiver was the best because the game slowed down for me. I was able to feel things out. I was able to read coverages post-snap. In the Carolina offense, we had a lot of post-snap route recognitions where we had to determine what route to run. I think that helped me a lot. Hopefully I can continue to grow because I know my ceiling is really high as a receiver.”

On being a favorite target of Mitch Trubisky, the second overall pick: “I think Mitch knew I was going to be open; it was just that simple. We saw a lot of man coverage throughout the year and Mitch knew that I was going to win my one-on-one battle, so he looked for me. I was also a guy who was very savvy with route running and could figure out the holes in the zones because of the film study and we were on the same page. I was a guy he felt comfortable throwing the ball to. That led to the 16 receptions, the 14 receptions, and so on.”

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