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The story of how Vidauntae Charlton became ‘Taco’

Taco Bell is responsible for Taco Charlton’s name. Well, sort of.

Taco Charlton’s mom, Tamara, recalled the story of how her son ended up being known as “Taco,” instead of his birth name of “Vidauntae.”

Taco was born two months premature on Nov. 7, 1994, and his grandmother, Veddiann, used a Taco Bell slogan at the time of him “making a run for the border.”

His grandmother would leave his mom notes about “Taco” being born sooner than expected, and the name simply stuck. After all, it’s a little easier to pronounce than Vidauntae, a play off his grandmother’s name.

“It was from my mother. Taco was a premature baby, so I was on bedrest the complete time,” Tamara said. “My mom says, ‘He’s rushing for the border trying to get out.’ And she just started calling him Taco, so on my card she would write, ‘Just hang in there. It’s for Taco.’ Before he was even out, his name was Taco and it always stuck with him.

“His teachers, once they realized they would butcher his name, ‘Oh, Taco, great.’ His first check, he worked for Abercrombie, it came in Taco Charlton, his W-2s, all his scholarship letters were Taco Charlton. I think if you actually called his name out in the mall he probably wouldn’t answer you because he’s used to being called Taco.”

Yes, Taco is a catchy name and it’ll certainly play for easy publicity and endorsement deals. Taco has said he’s already heard from different companies, and Taco Bueno’s CEO even sent out a statement about the newest member of the Cowboys.

“My agent called and he said there’s a lot of interest,” Taco said. “I said ‘You know, if you could handle that for right now and let me enjoy this experience of being here in Dallas.’ But I can’t wait to get out there and try all the different tacos. I’ve heard this is the place to be.”