Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys will not ask for bonus money back if Tony Romo retires

As the Tony Romo hostage crisis continues in Dallas, there appears to be a few resolutions for the Dallas Cowboys all-time leading passer.

He could be traded to the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos, though both have said they have no interest in trading for him.

He could be cut and sign with the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos.

Or he could retire and take a television offer with the FOX Sports or CBS Sports.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has control over him being cut or traded and when.

Romo, who turns 37 in April, will decide if he is ready to walk away from the game entirely.

Regarding the latter, the Cowboys have no intention of reclaiming any signing bonus money back from Romo if he decides to retire, a source said Monday at the NFL Owners meetings in Phoenix.

The Cowboys have a right to go after the remaining $5 million of the signing bonus money left over from the $25 million he got when he signed the six-year, $108 million contract extension in 2013.

Although it was paid up front, the bonus was prorated for salary cap purposes over five years.

Again, the Cowboys have no plans to recoup the money if Romo retires.

The case is the same with right tackle Doug Free, who has already told the team he plans to retire.

He has roughly $1 million in signing bonus left on the three-year, $15 million deal he signed in 2015.

The Cowboys will not go after that money either.

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