Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys eyeing Kellen Moore as veteran backup, adding young QB

The Cowboys expect to keep quarterback Kellen Moore as their backup to Dak Prescott.
The Cowboys expect to keep quarterback Kellen Moore as their backup to Dak Prescott. mfaulkner@star-telegram.com

While Jerry Jones continues to talk about wanting to keep quarterback Tony Romo, not ruling out the team’s all-time leading passer returning as Dak Prescott’s backup, the reality is the Cowboys understand that is unlikely.

They are already focusing on the plan at quarterback behind Prescott.

There has been talk of them making a play for veteran free agent Josh McCown, but the Cowboys are eyeing Kellen Moore as the backup quarterback. They also could add a young developmental quarterback in the draft or free agency.

A young quarterback could be a long-term backup for Prescott or a future trade piece, per Jones.

“This is an opportunity to use this to have another young quarterback,” Jones said. “That’s the option. You won’t have that opportunity if you only have a veteran with Kellen. You won’t have that opportunity. For instance, if we kept Romo, we wouldn’t have that opportunity to get any snaps for a young quarterbacks. So do we as a franchise bring in a young quarterback and take advantage of this, reps in practice and the preseason? And for the future have a quarterback that might be of real value to you for any number of reasons, trading not being the least. There is a reason not bring in a veteran quarterback because you got Kellen. Kellen is the key here.”

Moore is a free agent, but Jones feels good about retaining him because of Moore’s relationship with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

Jones said Moore is the preferred veteran quarterback to play behind Prescott.

“With a signed Kellen Moore, then you might to bring in a potential future quarterback,” Jones said. “Kellen would satisfy that itch. There is a relationship. He fits here real well.”