Dallas Cowboys

Broncos get best odds for landing Tony Romo, but Texans make sense

The Cowboys likely move on from Tony Romo, possibly releasing him March 9 so he can find a starting job elsewhere.
The Cowboys likely move on from Tony Romo, possibly releasing him March 9 so he can find a starting job elsewhere. AP

Oddsmakers give the Cowboys the fourth-best odds of having Tony Romo on their roster next season. That, though, isn’t going to happen.

The Cowboys likely release Romo on March 9.

A trade would take Romo’s cooperation, and he has little incentive to do that. Besides, no team is going to give up much for a soon-to-be, 37-year-old quarterback who hasn’t played a full season since 2012.

Thus, owner Jerry Jones likely will do right by Romo, who holds many of the team’s all-time passing records, and allow the quarterback to find a new home where he can start.

Romo, who has 34,183 passing yards and 248 touchdowns, would want a team ready to contend now. His career is close to the end.

He also likely would want a team within a short flight of DFW, where he recently built a new home in North Dallas. His wife, Candice, is pregnant with the couple’s third child and due in August.

Denver, Houston and Kansas City are the three teams that seem to best meet Romo’s needs.

The Texans actually make the most sense, but Brock Osweiler has a contract that fully guarantees him $16 million this season. So can they afford Romo? Or, a better question, how low would Romo go to end up in Houston?

So where, oh, where, does Tony go?

“There are a couple of teams I can say off the top of my head are the best fits,” said former Cowboys safety Darren Woodson, now an ESPN analyst. “But Tony is going to go to a team that’s not in a rebuilding phase. I’m sure he’s going to want to go to a team that’s on the cusp of making a playoff run, whether it be great defense or good offensive weapons or what not, but a team that’s solidified itself the last couple of years, that is on the verge of making a playoff run. No way he wants to go to a Cleveland Browns or a San Francisco 49ers team with the personnel problems they have.”

Here are Bovada’s odds for where whose roster Romo will be on for the 2017 season opener:

Denver Broncos           3/1

Kansas City Chiefs          7/2

Houston Texans          5/1

Dallas Cowboys           6/1

Chicago Bears           15/2

Buffalo Bills           10/1

New York Jets           10/1 

Jacksonville Jaguars         12/1

Miami Dolphins           12/1

San Francisco 49ers         12/1