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Dak Prescott’s old roommate explains viral trash video

Dak Prescott had a remarkable rookie season for the Cowboys.
Dak Prescott had a remarkable rookie season for the Cowboys. rrodriguez@star-telegram.com

Justin Senior roomed with Dak Prescott for a year at Mississippi State, and his old offensive lineman has no recollection of Prescott being a “neat freak.”

That’s why Senior shook his head at the viral video from earlier this season when Prescott picked up a paper cup he attempted to toss in the trash but fell short. Prescott paused briefly before getting up and throwing the cup away himself.

The video went viral that it seemed as though Prescott could be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize.

“If anything, that says more about his wanting to be perfect,” Senior said. “He was probably just mad he didn’t make it and said, ‘Let’s try again.’”

Yes, Prescott’s work ethic became well known throughout the season to Cowboys fans. It’s the only way to explain how a fourth-round quarterback went on to win 11 consecutive games and lead the Cowboys to the NFC’s top-seed in arguably the greatest rookie season in NFL history.

But Prescott’s success doesn’t come as a surprise to Senior or anyone who knew him during his college days.

“He works really, really hard,” Senior said. “I’m surprised he wasn’t more successful, honestly. … That whole team, and with Dak, is a great team. The Cowboys were really fortunate to get him I feel.

“I was his roommate for the first year before he started playing and he had the same mentality back then as he does now. He works hard. This is what he wanted to do his whole life and it’s not even surprising.”

Senior described Prescott off the field as “really chill,” the same calm and poised person fans see on the field.

“What you think of Dak off the field is how he is,” Senior said. “He’s a genuine person, so it’s really good for fans too. Exactly what you think he is, he is.”

Senior went on to say that Prescott has always had leadership skills. He didn’t find it unusual that Prescott could transition from leading a college program to an NFL team even though a handful of players are significantly older than him.

“He’s a nice. He works hard and he’s not a [jerk],” Senior said. “He’s going to treat everyone nice and he’s going to be respectful. When it comes to himself, he’s going to do everything he can to be himself.”