Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten provided Dak Prescott’s welcome-to-the-NFL moment

Dak Prescott’s welcome-to-the-NFL moment didn’t come in a game. It came in an organized team activity, throwing to Jason Witten for the first time during pat-and-go.

When the ball didn’t come directly to him, Witten let the ball hit the ground.

“I always liked him from the day he got here. He carried himself [well],” Witten said Thursday. “I don’t know that anybody kind of could foresee what was going to take place and the opportunity he was going to have as a rookie. But that’s one of my jobs as a leader on this team -- to set the tone. When there’s not defenders on the other side, we expect to complete those passes. There’s expectations of where you want the ball and how you go. It was a neat moment for what it was.

“But you know what? I don’t think we’ve missed a pat-and-go since then. It’s been good. We have a good relationship. The best thing he’s done is how he’s handled every situation within the communication side of it. It’s really hard to play that position, whether you’re playing Pee Wee or professional. To be able to make all the calls and checks at the line, he’s done a great job of that. He’s got a great ability. I think we all see that. But for him to be able to handle those situations with confidence and conviction, you gain respect of the locker room. That’s earned. Nobody can give you that, regardless of what your talent level is. That was a neat moment early in OTAs — ‘Hey, here’s where we want the ball.’ He’s came a long way from that moment.”

Witten said he never exchanged a word with Prescott after the incompletion against air.

“I think it was body language more so than me saying anything,” Witten said.  

Prescott received the message loud and clear. The rookie quarterback said it taught him how “precise” he needs to be in everything he does.


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