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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott a born leader who embraces being a leader

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is a good communicator with his teammates.
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is a good communicator with his teammates. mfaulkner@star-telegram.com

How much does Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott think about his role as a leader?

Consider an innocuous question about his duties on a play in a recent game that he thought was an global question about his record-breaking season.

What is toughest part of your job?

"Managing ego's and personalities," Prescott responded. "Keeping people happy."

So it begged the follow-up where Prescott acknowledged he embraces being called a leader.

"It's the ultimate compliment to me," Prescott said. "For a teammate or peer to call you a leader ,that means they look up to you and they follow you. It's the ultimate compliment for anybody to ever give."

Prescott said leadership comes with the position of being quarterback. But it's also who he is as a person and would operate the same way if he wasn't playing football.

"During a class project, I'm going to be the one taking the lead," Prescott said. "It's kind of who I am."

That Prescott got a Masters Degree in Workforce Leadership while a Mississippi State was no accident either.

He was preparing for life as an NFL quarterback, managing egos and personalities to keep every one happy.

"It helped 100 percent," Prescott said. "It's not the reason I am a leader. But it definitely sharpened the iron."

That sharpened iron has been on full display all season as the 24-year old Prescott has taken over as the Pied Piper of the Cowboys locker room managing the egos of veterans and rookies.

The question now is can he lead the Cowboys to their first NFC championship game since 1995 with a win Sunday against the Green Bay Packers?

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