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Jones’ family relationship with Tony Romo made sitting QB “tough”

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) has spent this season watching Dak Prescott (4).
Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) has spent this season watching Dak Prescott (4). pmoseley@star-telegram.com

The Jones family’s relationship with Tony Romo made benching him one of the hardest decisions they have made.

“Tough,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Thursday. “You’ve got both sides. No one has more respect for a man and what Tony has done for us. He’s special. He’s done a lot of great things for this franchise that never happen without him. Until we finally got Dak [Prescott], everybody was able to see first hand when we had Tony in the games what was going on, we were winning them and when he wasn’t in the games, we weren’t. He was definitely the most valuable guy in the building for many, many years. I think he’s the most successful quarterback in terms of his production on the field.”

But with the Cowboys off to an 8-1 start when Romo returned from a compression fracture in his back, the Cowboys kept Prescott in the lineup. Romo has served as Prescott’s backup the past four games.

It’s possible Romo has played his last game for the Cowboys. He holds the franchise records in passing yards (34,154), completion percentage (65.3), touchdowns (247) and passer rating (97.07).

Romo, 36, has a 78-49 regular-season record but only a 2-4 postseason mark. He has never made an NFC Championship Game.

“Obviously, it stings that we don’t have a championship, and I know Jerry [Jones] and I both wear that heavily in terms of the fact that we haven’t been able to get the right team around him so that he could win one, because he obviously has all the skills to do it,” Stephen Jones said. “It’s difficult. No question. No one wanted to get his hands on this team more than he did. Things happen for a reason, and obviously that was a very unfortunate freak injury that happened to him in Seattle. It’s fortunate but misfortune in terms of Tony that obviously in Dak we found a very special football player at quarterback.”

Stephen Jones said Prescott should appreciate Jerry Jones’ loyalty to Romo.

“Dak will appreciate this - that over the long haul Jerry is a very loyal person, and Dak will be the biggest beneficiary of this organization when it's all said and done,” Stephen Jones said. “Jerry does not forget the people that do special things for him. Tony's had several special seasons here, and it's obvious to everybody that Tony has a special place. I tell everybody, ‘Does that bother you?' and it shouldn't bother Dak. He should love that. One day he will benefit in spades from Jerry's loyalty. I know Dak's going to do so many special things for our organization going forward.”


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