Dallas Cowboys

Smart rookie QB Dak Prescott has created some of his own success

So much has been written and said about Dallas Cowboys rookie sensation Dak Prescott being the beneficiary of a great offensive line and a great running game.

It's said so much that it discredits what Prescott brings to the table and the hard work he has put in to get this point.

Prescott has thrown 18 touchdowns and run for five touchdowns. The Cowboys are 10-1. They play at Minnesota on Thursday.

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan wants it known that Prescott's success is also due to his superb decision-making and considers him as smart a quarterback as he's ever been around. Prescott is football smart and smart, period.

"I think equally is good," Linehan said. "I think they go hand in hand. He’s a bright, bright guy. He knows he doesn’t know everything. That’s where it starts. So humble. He’s always willing to learn and do those things. But where he’s smart is that he leans on guys for advice. He also knows he knows things. If he’s not sure, he asks. He does all the right things when it comes to the learning and the learning curve. So I think equally as smart on or off the field. I don’t know… I hear that term football smart or smart. I think you’re either smart or you’re not, and he’s as bright as they get."

Linehan said they learned a lot about Prescott's smarts and passion when they spent time with him before the draft. They knew would be a quick study of the offense.

"It didn’t take more than a couple minutes to figure out this guy had it and so, yeah, I felt like he would get it," Linehan said. "And he works hard at it. It takes work to digest and spit out the language; this is a new system. We have some calls in this game that got little nuances too it and he wants to practice them, working on them and you can see he wants to be tested on them. So it’s not that he’s working. He wants to make sure he’s got it for Thursday night and that’s what he does each week."

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