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Jerry Jones explains his ‘daddy’ comment in more detail

Jerry Jones is known for his phrases and offered a new one on Thanksgiving.
Jerry Jones is known for his phrases and offered a new one on Thanksgiving. Special to the Star-Telegram

‘He’s the daddy’ is the latest catchphrase that has gone viral by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jones used that phrase to describe the stiff arm quarterback Dak Prescott used twice against Washington Redskins safety Donte Whitner Sr. on an 18-yard run in the first quarter of last Thursday’s game.

After the game, Jones said: “I’ll say this, not only are you see him gaining when they got that pursuit coming after him, you see him run by a secondary player and then when he puts that stiff-arm [out] you quit worrying about him a little bit.

“He’s the daddy when he does that.”

Not many people, including Prescott, exactly knew what Jones meant by that.

As Prescott put it, “I don’t know what that means. I have no kids. Don’t want any.”

Of course, that subject came up during Jones’ radio show on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

Jones seemed surprised ‘the daddy’ comment had gained so much steam, but offered a more in-depth explanation on it.

“At that particular time, it can mean the boss,” Jones said. “It can mean dominated him. Won. To me, that’s an expression. I’m really shocked that anybody is having any problem with looking at a situation or looking at a deal that anybody doesn’t understand that he was the daddy in that deal.

“I’d just say, he was the daddy in that he had the upper hand there. I think with as physical as he is, the speed, I think he’s got some physical edge on a lot of those d-backs. ... That’s the daddy.”

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