Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott not sure what Jerry’s “he’s the daddy” comment means

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott shoved Redskins safety Donte Whitner Sr. not once but twice Thursday, picking up 18 yards late in the first quarter. Prescott has not heard the end of it.

“[My teammates] talked about it a little bit,” Prescott said. “I mean, I didn’t finish the play off exactly. It was good for a split second. But, I mean, what, I got 3 yards out of it? I’ve got to finish it off.”

Prescott threw a touchdown pass to Terrance Williams on the next play.

Prescott rushed for a career-high 39 yards and a touchdown on eight carries against the Redskins and has 41 carries for 180 yards and five touchdowns as a runner this season.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game that he’s quit worrying about Prescott when he runs.

“”Well I’ll say this, not only are you see him gaining when they got that pursuit coming after him, you see him run by a secondary player and then when he puts that stiff-arm [out] you quit worrying about him a little bit,” Jones said. “He’s the daddy when he does that.”

Prescott was asked about Jones’ “he’s the daddy” comment.

“I don’t know what that means,” Prescott said. “I have no kids. Don’t want any.”

The NFL’s leading rusher, Ezekiel Elliott, wasn’t ready to give Prescott much credit for his running ability.

“He’s doing pretty good,” Elliott said without elaboration.

Asked about Prescott’s stiff arm, Elliott joked, “It was average.”