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Dez Bryant on Josh Norman, Dak Prescott, Thanksgiving game and more

Dez Bryant says offense’s standards are too high to reach.
Dez Bryant says offense’s standards are too high to reach. Special to the Star-Telegram

Dez Bryant met with reporters on Tuesday, and touched on a variety of subjects. Among the highlights:

On building off his first two-TD game since 2014: “Just trying to contribute the best way I possibly can. That’s the mindset here. Just doing your job. Nobody’s worrying about or focusing on, ‘I got two this week.’ I’m just going out trying to contribute the best way I possibly can.”

On if he hopes Josh Norman guards him: “I don’t care who is on me. I’m going to play my game.”

On expectations of the offense: “I think the standards are so high that we can’t reach. We’re just going out there practicing hard, trying to be the best we can possibly be. We just believe in one another, just go out there and just achieve the best.”

On Thanksgiving game: “I think it’s cool. You know you’re one of two games that’s on Thanksgiving. The world’s watching. We know everybody at home would love to see a good game while they’re eating their Thanksgiving dinner. I just think it’s absolutely amazing to be able to play ball on Thanksgiving.” 

On the short week: “I think we understand it real well that it’s short week, I don’t think it changes our mindset. We understand we have to go out there and play football and, you know, I think we had a great day today too. We’re all looking forward to Thursday.”

On Dak Prescott finding multiple WRs: “That’s absolutely amazing whenever a quarterback can find all of his wide outs. It makes it easy for everybody, especially when everyone is making plays. That’s just something hard to do in this league and he does it like it’s like nothing. A lot of credit goes to him for that and we can only get better. It only makes us better.”

On lobbying Dak for the ball: “Nah, man. Don’t need to. He’s got it under control, he’s that guy and that’s how we treat him. We trust him to go out and do the things we know that he can do.”

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