Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott unintentionally starts “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have gotten a kick out of the viral video of the quarterback throwing a Gatorade cup in the trash can.

“More people need to pick up their trash if it was that big of a deal,” Prescott said Tuesday. “I just simply missed the garbage can and didn’t think much of it. Get up and put my trash where it belongs.”

The NFL video shows Prescott on the bench in the second half drinking out of paper cup before tossing the cup toward a trash bin. After he missed, Prescott retrieved the cup and deposited it in the trash.

The Cowboys have found the hubbub about it humorous.

“What? This is what y’all are reporting? Y’all are crazy,” cornerback Brandon Carr said, not missing a beat in adding, “Man, that’s great. He’s a guy that loves the environment. He loves our planet. That’s great that he did a good job of throwing it in the trash. Maybe next time we get some recycling bins so he can recycle this time.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett called Prescott a “neat freak” in his press conference Monday. Even owner Jerry Jones was asked about Prescott’s cleanliness during his Tuesday morning radio show.

“If you go out to our stadium or you go out to The Star, if you go down on the event level or if you’re in the top part with the suites in that area you’ll see no intellectual clutter, and you’ll see all the trash picked up,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “That’s what we want. We’re proud of it. And it’s good to see that carry on through to the sidelines. John Madden was once sitting with Stephen [Jones] at practice, and there was some paper that had gotten loose and split up and going in two or three different directions on the field. Everybody walked out to practice, and nobody picked it up. And John said, ‘When your dad comes out before he says anything to me, I’ll bet you $100 that he goes over and picks up all that paper.’ That’s what you do when you are trying to not only basically be an example but when you get in the habit of it.

“I’m proud of him for doing that. I bet you one thing: That mobile home he grew up in, it might have been modest, but I bet it was clean.”

Prescott, a regular participant in the locker room laundry-bin basketball games, was asked if he was disappointed he had missed the shot with the paper cup.

“I mean, I don’t shoot behind my back too much,” Prescott said. “I think the garbage can was kind of behind me. It was a little flip back. It still had some ice in it, so it threw off the rotation. Yeah…”

Prescott said the state’s “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign has yet to reach out to him.