Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys weren’t willing to compromise future for Sheldon Richardson

The Jets’ asking price for Sheldon Richardson was too rich for the Cowboys, who chose to stand pat at the trade deadline, executive vice president Stephen Jones said.

“You can’t just overpay for something even though you may want it and it may be tempting,” Jones said Wednesday. “We just didn’t feel like the value was there in terms of the trade for us.

“…As I’ve said all along, we always look for opportunities to get better, but we’re certainly not going to force the issue. At some point, if you will, [you could] really compromise our team in the future overpaying for something for the moment.”

Richardson, the 13th selection in the 2013 draft, has 18 sacks in four seasons. But Richardson has two suspensions in his career and is due to make $8.1 million next season in the final year of his deal.

Still, he was tempting for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys are tied for 22nd with 14 sacks, with Tyrone Crawford leading the team with 3.5.

The Cowboys, whose defensive coordinator nicknamed his unit “The Mighty Orphans” for their lack of big names, rank a surprising 12th in yards allowed. They are seventh in points allowed.

Jones said the Cowboys weren’t desperate to make a move, because they feel good about where their defense is headed.

“We think we’ve got a solid football team on the defensive side of the ball,” Jones said. “The offense certainly complements our defense and that side of the ball in terms of how it controls the ball, possesses the ball, gives them time with the long drives they’ve been able to have. It’s a great complement to the defense. It’s a young defense. It’s a defense that even though it’s not established from the past, we have a lot of players who don’t have a lot of past production, I do think it’s a group of players who keep getting better and are playing well.”

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