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Jerry Jones: No one happier for Dak Prescott’s success than Romo

Quarterback Tony Romo gives the Cowboys the best chance to win the Super Bowl, owner Jerry Jones says.
Quarterback Tony Romo gives the Cowboys the best chance to win the Super Bowl, owner Jerry Jones says. AP

Tony Romo’s MRI results Monday were as the Cowboys expected, putting the starting quarterback one step closer to returning to the field, owner Jerry Jones said.

But the Cowboys still don’t have a timetable for Romo’s return, and Dak Prescott’s success allows them to be conservative.

“He has no more concern about this injury that has sidelined him this year,” Jones said on his radio show 105.3 The Fan about Romo’s MRI. “I would remind us the doctors have said once healed, this injury will have no going-forward impact on his ability to play football. It should be as strong or stronger than it was before the injury. What you’re into is getting him to get his core, get his core/back area back in shape as he’s had to do for the last several years. All players at this age need to do it, have to do that.

“It’s just a question of him working back in, and we’ve got a great situation here. I just have to pinch myself to think about it. We’ve got Dak Prescott who’s playing at a level that is very capable of winning these games. We’ve got a future every time he walks out there, we’ve got the optimism of the future. It’s inspiring. It’s inspiring this team. Then, we have in mind, we have one of the very top quarterbacks in the league as well at a position we’ve got in the past, we’ve been compromised at. We’re entering that time here where we’re one of the best at the position as there is in the NFL.”

Romo injured his back in an Aug. 25 preseason game at Seattle. The compression fracture opened the door for Prescott to play, and the rookie ranks eighth in the league with a 101.5 passer rating as the Cowboys rank second in total offense.

But the Cowboys have insisted all along that Romo will return to the starting lineup when he’s healthy. The Cowboys have targeted the Philadelphia game on Oct. 30, the week after their bye.

“I think what Dak’s success has done, though, is given us the luxury [to be conservative with Romo’s return],” Jones said. “No one is happier about this than Tony. But it’s given us the luxury to absolutely maximize any thought that we might have with his rehab time and just have the ability to weigh that as we go and pick our spots.”

Jones called Romo one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and said his “experience” and “natural passing abilities” offer “huge value” and give the Cowboys a chance to win the Super Bowl.

“No one is happier to have Dak Prescott performing and winning than Tony Romo, because he can see that this is going to give him an opportunity to be on a Cowboy team that’s got a chance to do it and really do it in a big way, maybe all the way,” Jones said. “He knows this game against Cincinnati enhanced his chances of being in the Super Bowl. If you’re in Tony Romo’s shoes, you can’t be any happier than that.”

Thus, internally at The Star, there is no quarterback controversy. Romo is their starting quarterback now. Prescott is their future.

“It’s a wonderful problem to have. It’s a miracle problem to have in my mind,” Jones said. “I’m so proud because every time Dak takes a snap. I see our future getting stronger. I see the encouragement that his future brings to this team. I see what he’s doing right now. His presence. …Then, I look over there, and in my mind, [we have] someone that is very capable of winning it all. Tony Romo with all that experience, which in football, if you can take advantage of it, you’ve got something special. He’s sitting there and he’s on our team, too. So how do you ask for any more? I don’t have to have succinct problem solving answers at this time. I don’t live that way.”

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