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Zack Martin and Tyler Eifert became family this summer

Cowboys guard Zack Martin (70) married Tyler Eifert’s sister over the summer.
Cowboys guard Zack Martin (70) married Tyler Eifert’s sister over the summer. Star-Telegram

Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert missed practice Wednesday, perhaps pushing back his season debut another week. Eifert continues to rehab from the ankle he injured in the Pro Bowl, but the Bengals also now list him with a back injury.

He, no doubt, hoped to play against the Cowboys.

Eifert’s college roommate and now brother in law is Cowboys offensive guard Zack Martin.

“I lived with him for my entire college career. Very, very close,” Martin said.

Eifert introduced Martin to his sister, Morgan, during Martin’s junior season. Morgan and Martin wed July 2, with Eifert serving as a groomsman.

Martin said his wife would not be conflicted on game day, rooting for the Cowboys.

Martin has had to secure extra tickets for all the family in town for Sunday’s game.

“I’ve got some people on both sides of the family coming in,” Martin said. “Normal is kind of just like my parents or some buddies. But this week her whole family, my whole family and some family friends. It’ll be fun weekend.”

Martin said Eifert was not splitting the cost of the extra tickets.

“He should, but no, he’s not,” Martin said with a chuckle.

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