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Jerry Jones says Cowboys knew severity of Bryant’s injury Sunday night

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says the trainers did X-rays on Dez Bryant’s right knee after Sunday’s win over the Chicago Bears.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says the trainers did X-rays on Dez Bryant’s right knee after Sunday’s win over the Chicago Bears. Star-Telegram

FRISCO It took three days for the Dallas Cowboys to get the diagnosis of Dez Bryant’s injury confirmed via a magnetic resonance imaging exam.

Blame that on Bryant for not showing up to work for two days.

The Cowboys knew the severity of the injury after the 31-17 victory against the Chicago Bears Sunday.

“Just as we expected. Our doctors had a done a good job evaluating it right after the game,” owner Jerry Jones said on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan. “He had had an X-ray right after the game. The doctors told me to expect a hairline fracture, which is what he got. We are pleased it was not a ligament issue. The results are exactly how we thought it was.”

Coach Jason Garrett indicated on Monday he didn’t know the extent of the injury and Jones expressed a similar sentiment during a radio appearance on Tuesday. Garrett repeated the same line Wednesday morning when he talked to the media.

The mitigating factor was that the Cowboys couldn’t locate Bryant for two days, thus delaying the MRI to confirm the X-ray and rule out other damage.

Bryant was fearful of the injury being more serious than what it was eventually diagnosed. He missed two MRIs and team meetings. He was fined.

But Jones said the Cowboys have an understanding of Bryant’s anxiety and subsequent actions because of their knowledge of him as a player and person.

“One of the things I'm going to say about Dez Bryant, he's very genuine,” Jones said. “He's very real. And that's why his teammates think of him as they do. That's why I think of him the way he does. And he has all of those human ups and downs. And I'm sure he was having to deal with the disappointment of having something to deal with.

“And, so, while that's not the way we'd like to have it done ideally. There's probably understanding as to why he would be having kind of an emotional decision as to whether to face the music or not and getting the MRI or just addressing. I'm sure he would kind of like to have it go away."

As far as Bryant’s ability to play Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, Jones said he doesn’t know how to read it. Bryant has not practiced all week. But he is doing rehab work with the team’s athletic trainers. The team refuses to rule him out.

Jones said it’s not an issue of him doing further damage to the injury, but more of an issue of ability to play and function with pain.

“I don't know. I think, again, it has to do with how sensitive,” Jones said. “I know that he's not only right now in terms of cutting and doing the things that you'll have to do to play.”

"I think it's the ability -- and it's not tolerance -- it's the ability to actually perform with pain. And that's different than tolerance. But your mind will absolutely react to a certain amount of pain no matter how tough you are."

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