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Dez Bryant put off MRI for two days, anticipating bad news

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was pulled down awkwardly by Christian Jones, suffering a hairline fracture in his knee.
Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was pulled down awkwardly by Christian Jones, suffering a hairline fracture in his knee. Special to the Star-Telegram

Dez Bryant put off an MRI exam two days, fearing bad news.

Coach Jason Garrett did his best to justify the lengthy delay with Bryant, saying the standout receiver “was completely well intended.”

“The situation with Dez is an interesting one, is a challenging one,” Garrett said. “After the game on Sunday night, he got some information about his knee and he suspected that it was a serious injury. He’s a very passionate guy, as we’ve talked about, and he really thought that he was going to get some bad news when he got the MRI on Monday.

“So, like some of us do in life at times, he avoided it. He didn’t come in and take care of his business on Monday or Tuesday. Came in on Wednesday and took care of that part of it.”

Bryant missed treatment and an MRI exam on Monday, and another team meeting and MRI on Tuesday. He missed a team meeting on Wednesday while he finally underwent his MRI exam.

Bryant will be subject to “repercussions” for missing the team meetings, Garrett said.

But Garrett repeatedly spoke of Bryant’s “passion” as the reason why he no-showed. This reasoning, though, comes from a coach who introduced a new mantra of “17 inches” – the size of home plate – during training camp as a way to hold every player to the same standards.

Doesn’t every player on the Cowboys have the same “passion” as Bryant?

“He’s an emotional person and he didn’t handle it the right way,” Garrett said. “What we have to do as a team is we have to handle it the right way. We understand where he was coming from and then we address it, we solve it and we move on. That’s how we handle things here.”

Garrett said the team communicated with Bryant “indirectly” early in the week, but wouldn’t specify how that communication took place.

Garrett then gave a blank stare after a question about why he wouldn’t have been more honest and upfront about the situation when he met with reporters on Wednesday.

Garrett would go on to say that Bryant is still “day-to-day, week-to-week” and is not expected to practice Thursday. The team has yet to rule him out of Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, but a source says he is doubtful to play and could miss up to three weeks.

“We’ll take his situation day-to-day,” Garrett said.

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