Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott focused on establishing himself, not social causes or endorsements … yet

Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott is focused on football only for the time being.
Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott is focused on football only for the time being. rrodriguez@star-telegram.com

Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott doesn’t feel like he’s done enough in his young NFL career to do anything such as San Francisco backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick in promoting social change by kneeling during the national anthem.

That’s also part of the reason he and his agent aren’t actively pursuing endorsements. All of Prescott’s attention is focused on football and continuing to put the Cowboys in position to win games.

Asked about using his platform such as Kaepernick, Prescott said: “Right now, I’m just trying to play my best football. Just be the best I can on the field. I allow those guys that are vets, those guys that have made that position for themselves, to do those types of things. I’m just continuing, head down, focused on my game plan.”

That formula has worked so far.

Prescott has the Cowboys off to a 2-1 start a year after they combined to go 1-11 with three backup quarterbacks. Prescott has yet to throw an interception, going 66-of-99 passing for 767 yards with one touchdown. He’s also rushed for 54 yards and two scores.

Before the season started, Prescott’s agent, Jeff Guerriero, told the Star-Telegram that he’s turned down multiple endorsements for the standout rookie.

“Car deals and signing deals and everything … but this kid says, ‘Let’s wait until I get this over with, OK?’” Guerriero said. “He’s not worried about going out and doing all this stuff right now. His No. 1 concern right now is that the Dallas Cowboys win.”

Prescott addressed that topic on Wednesday, saying endorsements aren’t “really my main motive right now. I will do some. Some will happen, I’m not saying we’re turning down all of them, but we’re not running and jumping on any of them that we can.”

Still, that doesn’t mean Prescott hasn’t become more and more recognizable around the Metroplex. He joked that in the drive thru he’ll tell employees that he’s not Dak Prescott before confirming that he is as he leaves.

But his status in DFW is nowhere close to the rock star status he enjoyed at Mississippi State where he could go hardly nowhere without being swarmed with adoring fans.

He acknowledged he may have to try a disguise at some point.

“I may have to put on a wig or something here soon,” Prescott said, smiling.

But Prescott knows the publicity and fanfare goes with the territory if he wants to become the type of player he envisions. He isn’t high on comparisons being made about him, whether it’s Warren Moon or Donovan McNabb.

Instead, he hopes one day to reach a level where tomorrow’s players are compared to him.

“I want to be great. I want people to be compared to me one day when it’s all said and done,” Prescott said. “But all of those are great comparisons, don’t get me wrong. Warren Moon is a Hall of Famer, talking about guys who have had a lot of success. It’s humbling, it definitely is, but it doesn’t really mean anything to me.”

For the time being, it’s only about football for Prescott.